Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the planner lay flat?
A: Yes!  The planner is a bound book with a wrapped cover which allows it to lay completely flat.  It has a semi-hard laminated cover to protect it well from regular use, or throwing it in your bag!

Q: Do the pages bleed?
A: No!  The pages are 70 lb weight pages, and when tested with a Micron 05 and Zebra Mildliners, there is no evidence of ghosting or bleed.  As with all ink, while writing, be mindful of how long your specific pen takes to dry, and be patient when drawing or ruling lines.

Q: I'm not very good at planning, how do I use the planner?
A: I get it!  Everyone plans differently!  The planner is designed to allow you to be as creative or as minimalist as you want!  For some inspiration, check out the Pregnancy Planner Help Blog, for examples of how the planner is being used!

Q: Can I use the Pregnancy Planner as journal?
A: Yes!  There are numerous blank pages and opportunities for reflection inserted throughout the Pregnancy Planner, as well as ruled pages at the very back that allow you to journal to your heart's desire!

Q: Does the Pregnancy Planner offer medical advice?
A: No.  While I firmly believe that the Pregnancy Planner can help future moms have a healthy pregnancy, it does not provide any medical advice; always consult your medical care provider (your OB or midwife).

Q: Is there a version for multiples pregnancy?
A: The Pregnancy Planner is designed as a flexible agenda, and would easily suit a multiples pregnancy, however there are some pages that are geared specifically to a singular baby.  Currently, there is no version specifically for multiples.

Q: How can I reach you and ask a question not listed here?
A: E-mail me at!