About Me

knitting . crocheting . sewing . digital art . bullet journalling . digital planners . card making . book binding . scrapbooking . resin casting

Ever since I can remember, I was crafty.  When I was a kid, I used to always get into a new craft and I'd have supplies and completed crafts all over the house.  My dad called it, "make mess."  And yup, it was messy.  I didn't have a craft room, so everyone was victim to my hobbies... using the kitchen table as my paint mixing station, or the living room floor as a place to unravel yards of embroidery thread to make bracelets.  

Fast forward 3 decades, and I am in a pandemic, on maternity leave, feeling rather like a caged animal and needing a space and forum to unleash my creativity and desire to be productive.  Thanks in large part to revamping my home office, I engage in all things crafty every day.  I've always found I love nearly EVERY craft there is, and so here is one place to put it all and to get it out of my house into the hands of people who can enjoy it.  

On a more personal note, I live in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.  I am married to my wonderful husband, Adrian and together we created my most favourite things, our two children, our son James and daughter Avery.  When I'm not on maternity leave, I work in the public sector, and I coach a lot of volleyball.

Thanks for visiting!