The Pregnancy Planner: 40 Weeks Planner

If you've landed on this page, you've likely purchased The Pregnancy Planner and are trying to figure out how you want to use it!  Keep in mind that every part of the Pregnancy Planner is meant to be flexible and free for your own personalization.  But this blog is going to be an on-going source of help and samples to get you started on planning your own pregnancy journey!

The first step in any good bullet journal is to visualize your long-term goals and plans.  The 40 Week Planner is a way to get everything out on one visible timeline and to mark important milestones.

Tips Before Starting:
* In the early months, your due date may change.  Consider filling in this page in pencil to begin with, or to only fill in a month or two until you've been told an exact due date and can go backward from there.  Alternately, consider that if you know your date of conception, to enter everything in, and to use the counter columns as guides, even if your date changes based on ultrasound dating.
** Use colour and stickers to help visualize important dates.  What is an important date is going to differ for everyone.

How I Filled It In:
1. I started counting from the first day of my last period, as most women do.  I entered in the month name at the top left corner, and the day.  Then I filled in the rest of the calendar, using a solid line to end each month for easier visualization.
2. I entered in things I absolutely new - possible conception dates, the day we got a positive HPT, and important holidays.
3. As I learned of new appointments, I put them in this calendar.
4. I marked down important events and dates, like birthdays (removed from the images above), my last day of work, and my due date.
5. I highlighted milestones so I could easily find them and look forward to celebrating them.
And that's really it!  That's all I did!  Share with me how you're using your Pregnancy Planner - with permission, I'll share what you're doing for others to get inspiration and tips!

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