Which is the Best Disposable Diaper?

In the first few weeks post partum, putting your baby in nice and cute clothes is such a risky game!  I remember when my son was few weeks old, we attended a party with him and within 5 minutes of stepping in the door, he had a liquid poo explosion up his entire back.  His cute outfit was completely shot.  I used something like 6 wipes, and I didn't have a cute back-up outfit for him.  The problem?  His diaper was just not fitting right!  So really, which is the best diaper?

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The short answer is...


Every baby is different, grows differently, and is shaped differently.  For disposable diapers, depending on where you buy, and how diligently you look - whether it's through an online subscription, a big box store, or a local store, most brands are pretty comparable in price and you can usually find sales or coupons for both.  What I recommend is that in the early stages, you test out different diaper brands to figure out which one works the best for your child.

In my personal experience, boys do better with Pampers and girls do better with Huggies. Both of my kids were quite round and didn't have defined waistlines so the diapers that were meant to fit more tightly to their bodies tended to do better. For Pampers, that's the Swaddlers line, and for Huggies, that's the Little Snugglers line. The main difference between the two is that Huggies has an additional protective piece along the back that is supposed to prevent fluids and solids from going up baby's back.  The only downside of this additional piece is that when the diaper is not being worn, this piece tends to cause the diaper to collapse onto itself, which makes for a messy cleanup if you haven't mastered how to cleanly hold and fold up a dirty diaper.

And now, here's a...


Whichever brand you pick, whichever line you pick, always make sure you have a box of the next size up on hand. That way when you start to get a feeling that you baby might be going up a size, you can test one out. If in fact that's now the size that they should be using, use the correct new larger size at night, and in the morning until you see baby poo.  For the rest of the day, use the old size.  Repeat this process until the smaller size is done, then you can fully transition over to the new size and then buy a box of the next size up.

Every baby is different - my two kids used two different brands and had different needs.  Try out different diapers to find out what works best for you!

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